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We don't want to say goodbye.
This dining program has ended, but we want you to continue
earning rewards each time you dine.

Join iDine® to Earn Up to 15% Back.

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Visit, order delivery or cater in from your favorite participating restaurants, bars and clubs nationwide — with new ones being added every month to those you already enjoy!

Earn more

Every time you dine on the iDine program, your rewards continue to add up.

  • Start by earning 5% back in benefits from your full dining amount, including tax and tip,
  • Earn 10% once you spend $250 in a 12-month period, and
  • Earn 15% once you spend $750 or more in a 12-month period.

Upon accumulating $20 in benefits, you'll receive an American Express® Reward Card, for use anywhere American Express Cards are accepted.

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