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Hours of operation
Mon 11:30AM - 04:30PM
  05:30PM - 10:45PM
Tue 11:30AM - 04:30PM
  05:30PM - 10:45PM
Wed 11:30AM - 04:30PM
  05:30PM - 10:45PM
Thu 11:30AM - 04:30PM
  05:30PM - 10:45PM
Fri 11:30AM - 04:30PM
  05:30PM - 11:30PM
Sat 12:30PM - 11:30PM
Sun 12:30PM - 09:45PM
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61A 7Th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
P. (718) 622-6353


The hub of the culinary universe, New York is home to the veritable melting pot of heritages and influences. Even with so many restaurants, Spice continually sets itself apart. Through various locations, Spice treats diners to an array of tropical herbs and house-made spices that help create flavorful dishes. For Brooklyn denizens and travelers, this Park Slope location is the growing chain's newest. A trip here is the perfect way to spend the afternoon or evening. And once settled in, diners can try a range of Thai-inspired foods such as the signature shrimp fritters, emerald vegetable dumplings, puffy duck, panang curry, and more. Don't forget to download the Spice app so you can keep up with specials and deals, to find locations, and to order online. Search for Spice Restaurant in the app store and look for the red logo!

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"As a result of the covid-19, the dining tables have been placed in the garden in the back under..."
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"Was not a great one "
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"Delicious food and excellent service ALWAYS."
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