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1854 Bay Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
P. (786) 275-6005


Serving a unique combination of elevated Thai street food and Japanese sushi, NaiYaRa is much more than just a restaurant--it's an experience for all your senses. As soon as you walk into the sleek and trendy space you'll be trying to take in everything, from the Asia-inspired wall murals to the ornate bar area to the unique bamboo-encased light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The menu is designed by famed executive Chef Bee to be enjoyed family-style with shared plates, creating a genuinely connecting experience whether you're a party of two or 20. Hot and raw appetizers put clever spins on traditional favorites, such as tempura shishito, kimchi wings, Thai street dumplings filled with fried chicken, hamachi jalapeno, and tuna pizza, and every dish's presentation is a small work of art. Sashimi is available by the piece or opt for makimono sushi rolls, and be sure to try at least one of NaiYaRa's signature pieces, like The "U" Toro (o'toro, uni, caviar, black truffle, gold flake) or Steak & Eggs (washu-gu, kimchee, pnzu, quail egg). Classic Thai noodle and rice dishes are prepared to order with your choice of protein, and a selection of curries and entrees like miso glazed fried Maine lobster and tamarind New Zealand rack of lamb ensure that no one leaves still feeling hungry. The full-service bar has beer, wine, sake, and an impressive selection of craft cocktails, with happy hour specials daily on select drinks and bites. Reservations are recommended, so book your table at NaiYaRa for a dining experience that's a feast for your eyes, appetite, and soul.
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5.0 / 5
"NaiYaRa is always a wonderful experience - the quality of the food is consistent and simply sup..."
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5.0 / 5
"Great restaurant! Everything is delicious. Great cocktails! Wonderful happy hour though not in ..."
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