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Mariano's Hacienda - Arlington

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Mon 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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Mariano's Hacienda - Arlington

2614 Majesty Dr
Arlington, TX 76011
P. (817) 640-5118


The bright and cheery dining room at Mariano's Hacienda matches the big and bold flavors of the authentic Mexican food served here. This is a family favorite, where masterfully-crafted dishes are sure to please, and where their famous frozen margaritas are still impressing diners and drinkers. In fact, the frozen margarita machine was invented by Mariano's founder Mariano Martinez, and the original machine is now housed in the Smithsonian. The Mexican cuisine made here is a wee bit different from other places. Here, they use a custom-designed log-fired grill that is loaded with sweet mesquite logs which burn hotter and faster, giving the fire-roasted salsa, chicken, and seafood unique and incredible flavor. In addition to the flame-grilled dishes, the quality of ingredients sets this place apart. Locally sourced, including farm-fresh produce, local chickens, and hand-selected beef are among the top-quality ingredients that are the base of each delicious meal. Enjoy hearty and wallet-friendly meals here, including their weekday lunch specials. Or, go any other time and feast on the spicy blackened chicken verde, mesquite-grilled fajitas, or their famous stuffed and grilled shrimp (camarones Carlos & Charlie's). There's more on the menu, including Tex-Mex favorites and a selection of dishes for the kids. Don't forget about the margaritas, or sip on a cold cerveza with your meal. Mariano's Hacienda also offers off-site catering and they feature a special events room for your next meeting, private party, or celebration. Hand-crafted Mexican cuisine and the smoky flavors of mesquite-grilling makes every meal at Mariano's delicious!
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