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Mon 11:30AM - 02:30PM
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Tue 11:30AM - 02:30PM
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Wed 11:30AM - 02:30PM
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Sun 11:30AM - 02:30PM
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India K'Raja

9051 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23294
P. (804) 965-6345


Henrico County's first Indian restaurant, India K' Raja, has been locally owned and operated by the Sappal family since its opening in 1995. A passion for serving healthful, delicious food in an authentic atmosphere has created in central Virginia a deep appreciation for "classic Indian cuisine beyond curry." Most of the recipes at India K' Raja have been passed down through family. Others are chef/owner Tony Sappal's original creations like chicken pasanda (a delicious creamy mango sauce); crab masala (a special crab delicacy with Indian flavors); and lamb rangeela (a zesty tomato spinach sauce). Depending on the dish, you may distinctly taste coconut, lemon, mango, cumin, fennel, tamarind, mustard, fenugreek, peppers, tomatoes, onions and more. Traditional Indian desserts are made from scratch and Indian breads are baked fresh to order in a clay oven. "Taste is a very personal experience, like sight, sound and touch. No one can experience it for you," says Tony, "and I love watching our guests enjoying that experience at India K' Raja." His wife, Alka, adds: "The business aspect is secondary as long as the feelings are conveyed through our offerings. We love to serve you."
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"This was a Dinner take out order. We are glad India K'Raja is open again as it is our favorate ..."
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5.0 / 5
"Our food was as great as ever "
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5.0 / 5
"Closed for dining in due to Covid-19, but curbside pick up was fast and friendly. The food was ..."
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