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7172 Dempster St
Morton Grove, IL 60053
P. (847) 966-8282


This contemporary Indian restaurant offers an upscale setting worthy of power lunching, date night, celebratory occasions, or family dining. And, of course, the ambiance is enhanced by the chef's stellar executions of one of the most creative Indian menus in the Greater CHI area. At Tava, the kitchen starts with generations-old, traditional recipes, and then infuses them with 21st-century twists tailored to today's sensibilities. Hence, you can expect an emphasis on naturally raised and grown ingredients that are always fresh - NEVER FROZEN. Additionally, at every stage in food preparation, the ingredients used have been meticulously selected from various parts of India to present an authentic experience representative of India's finest regional home cooking. Incorporating only heart-healthy oils (extra-virgin olive, canola), the cooked-to-order menu offers a large selection of mouthwatering chicken, lamb, seafood, vegetarian, vegan and organic dishes. Better yet, at the full-service bar, mixologists pour premium wines, beers and unique cocktails, plus an impressive selection or organic wines and liquors. What's the word on the street? Applauded this happy customer, "I have so longed to have an Indian restaurant near my house where I could honestly say "Omigodyouguys! You totally have to go there! It's so awesome!" We're talking seriously good samosas. (Actually, the best I've ever had!) And thank you Tava, for clearly labeling everything that is vegan. Naan: crazy good, as is the butter chicken and vindaloo that isn't quite volcanic. Rather, it's a fragrant kind of hot that is way better than something that merely maims your taste buds. I look forward to going back and trying more, so let me officially say, "Omigodyouguys! You totally have to go there! It's so awesome!" CHECK IT OUT: MONDAYS - 1/2-PRICE APPETIZERS; TUESDAYS - $5 HAND-CRAFTED MARTINIS. (Not valid with any other offers or discounts.)
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"Very nice surprise"
1 of 66 Reviews
5.0 / 5
"In my opinion, the best Indian food in town. Service very professional, I feel very comfortable..."
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5.0 / 5
"Great food. Malai Kofta was well done and the appetizers with chicken momos were spicy with the..."
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