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Pure Burger

2641 Gateway Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009
P. (760) 683-5101


There are no gimmicks at Pure Burger, just purely tasty food made the all-natural way. It all starts with the beef which is always organic, grass-fed, free-range, locally sourced and never frozen. Then the beef is ground on-site and each and every burger is hand-made to order (special requests are always welcome). All you need to do then is make a few choices, like choosing your burger - choices include the Pure Burger, the Cheeseburger and the Veggie Burger, then choose your bun, your cheese, and your toppings. Toppings are always fresh and locally sourced, so no matter how you top your burger it is going to be delicious. They've also got a variety of sauces to go on your burger, so that you can create a truly customized masterpiece! From the tasty Pure Spread to ketchup, hot pepper relish and balsamic mustard, there are plenty of delish ways to top your burger. Make it a complete meal by ordering from a variety of different fries which are always made from freshly cut potatoes, or try a shake or malt made with hand-scooped ice cream. Pure Burger is dedicated to creating the best tasting food in an environmentally friendly venue, and they're committed to keeping prices low for such a high quality product and service. This means that when you're craving a delicious burger check out Pure Burger because they are purely the best!
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"food as always is the best"
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"We were in the area and decided on a good old American lunch, and chose Pure Burger as the plac..."
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