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Momiji Japanese Restaurant

3649 Main St
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
P. (845) 687-2110


Momiji is named after the Japanese Maple, whose foliage ignites the Nipponese landscape every fall, turning mountain vistas into a kaleidoscope of color. In a similar way, Momiji Japanese Restaurant brings to its Catskill location a kaleidoscope of flavor, courtesy of its fine Japanese Fusion and Sushi menu. Here, the Asian adventure begins with small plates of Shrimp or Pork Dumplings, Chicken Yakitori, and Veggie Tempura. Then it's time to decide whether to take a hot or cold journey to culinary heaven. From the sushi bar come fresher-than-fresh Maki, Temaki, Sushi by the Piece, House Special Rolls, Roll Combo Dinners and Sushi & Sashimi Dinners for one, two, and three or more. But from Momiji's kitchen, the selection is equally enticing. House specialties include Rack of Lamb & Lobster Surf 'N Turf with a ginger-wasabi sauce, and Black Cod Fish with a mildly spicy soy reduction. Grilled Filet Mignon is yet another marvelous option, as are any of the Tempura or Teriyaki Dinners, Udon or Soba Hot Pots, and Noodle or Rice Stir-Fries. The setting is casual and the service attentive. Better yet, the price is right.
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"good value, good food, good service in the right place~"
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" Momiji is a family favorite! Friendly staff and good food. "
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"Food was excellent"
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